The South Suda Administration Tower

Official Name: South Suda Administration Tower

Also Known As: “The Tower,” “The Goddess’s Spiral”

Location: Southern Sector of Suda, Southern Middleland

The South Suda Administration Tower, known simply as “the tower” by Kanna Rava during Goda’s Slave, is the most striking building in the skyline of the city of Suda and the official headquarters for the financial branch of the central government of the Middleland.

It houses offices for the processing of domestic and foreign labor, for the assignment of jobs to both citizens and slaves, and for research and development of various labor-centric technologies, such as slave cuffs. It also houses the main office for the Department of Universal Rations, which processes requests for citizens who wish to increase their government-provided food allotment—but since this office is tucked into a narrow, windowless corridor on the 30th floor and is accessible only by a winding spiral staircase, it rarely receives requests.

At 33 floors and 111 Middlelander reins (roughly 111 meters or 364 feet) high, it is the tallest building in Suda, the tallest building in the Middleland, and the tallest human-made structure in the world known to the Middlelanders. 32 of its 33 floors are accessible by several stairwells that line the internal circumference of the building, as well as by a mechanical lift that can be powered with either electricity or slave labor. This powered lift is only allowed to carry priestesses and their assistants in order to avoid clergy commingling with laypeople (which goes against Middlelander religious taboos). The topmost floor and roof are only accessible via a utility shaft.

Below the building, a 2-story basement with utility corridors houses a complex system of generators, along with the low-ranking labor that runs basic processes of the tower. Deep in this labyrinth is a refrigeration chamber as well (cooled by a massive ice block), where the bodies of high-profile dead are hidden away to avoid the corpse being desecrated by the public if—for whatever reason—it cannot be immediately incinerated in accordance with Middlelander funeral rites.

The corridors underneath the South Suda Administration Tower also connect to a wider network of narrow underground tunnels that flow through key locations in the city, such as the cellars of other buildings, subterranean power stations, drainage channels, and deep silos that store harvested yaw away from sunlight.