Goda’s Slave

novel cover with a young woman standing in a desert with title Goda's Slave and ouroboros symbol above her

The daughter of a wealthy baron, Kanna Rava has enjoyed privilege far beyond that of most of her impoverished countrymen. Torn abruptly from that life by a twist of fate–and politics–she finds herself sold into slavery by the central government and thrust into the hands of Goda Brahm, the cold and mysterious woman who is tasked with escorting her to her new master.

Barely over the culture shock of being dragged to the other side of the continent, into a world where women marry other women and a class of priestesses are worshiped¬†like gods, Kanna slowly discovers both the hidden conspiracy that led to her enslavement and the terrible secret that lies behind Goda’s icy demeanor.

An allegory about the mental constructs that enslave us and our liberation through metamorphosis.

Goda’s Slave is currently in progress. What you see below is the secondish draft, with the ending not yet written. (Currently editing the next draft. However, regardless of draft, the plot remains the same, as the edits are mostly for superficial changes, such as wording.)

Table of Contents

Arc of Spirits

Chapter 1: Forty Paces of Freedom

Chapter 2: Muddy Water

Chapter 3: A Flower Named Death

Chapter 4: Serpents

Chapter 5: Womb of the Goddess

Chapter 6: A Headless Snake

Chapter 7: Twin Gardens

Chapter 8: A Death Wish

Chapter 9: She Who Wrestles With No One

Chapter 10: Twin Fortunes

Chapter 11: Belly of the Beast

Chapter 12: Void

Arc of the Slave

Chapter 13: Full of Kanna Rava

Chapter 14: Body of the Giant

Chapter 15: Driver

Chapter 16: An Accident Carved With Intention

Chapter 17: A Paradise of Strangers

Chapter 18: The Surfaceless Eye

Chapter 19: Forty-Nine Minutes

Chapter 20: The Dance of Monster and Prey

Chapter 21: Freedom

Chapter 22: The Dance of Master and Slave

Chapter 23: Duality

Arc of Serpents

Chapter 24: Stories

Chapter 25: Memories of the Future

Chapter 26: I Am You

Chapter 27: Goda’s Snake

Chapter 28: Witchcraft

Chapter 29: Two Million Paces of Resistance

Chapter 30: The Dance of Sleep and Wakefulness

Chapter 31: One Bite, One Taste

Chapter 32: Autophagy

Chapter 33: A Small Death

Arc of Spine Structure

Chapter 34: The Spiral Staircase

Chapter 35: The Divine Game

Chapter 36: Delusions

Chapter 37: A Crack in the Earth

Chapter 38: Heartbeat of the Middleland

Chapter 39: Falling Into the Roots

Chapter 40: Gateless

Arc of Samma Flower

Chapter 41: The Dance of Kanna and Goda

Chapter 42: Mahara’s Death and Rebirth

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