Metaphysical LGBT Fantasy Novels by Pandouro

Metaphysical LGBT Fantasy Novels by Pandouro


Yes, you’re in the right place. This is where you can read weird gay stories

Specifically, you can read fantasy novels and shorts about queer characters who go on mystical journeys to discover their true selves underneath all of the social conditioning.

These characters may or may not encounter lizard people or psychedelic flowers that allow them to contact ground-dwelling alien gods.

Also, there are romantic subplots in almost everything. Can’t help myself. (So, yes, you will find both kissy-kissy goo-goo and skull-squisher here.)

I am your host, Pandouro–the person who wrote the stuff you’ll find on this site.

My current main project is Goda’s Slave, a serialized worldbuilding fantasy novel with a lesbian main character, whose first draft you can read for free here. You can also find it on Wattpad, if you’re into that (username: pandouro).

I prefer to have free versions of most of my work available, so that all kinds of people can easily read it.

However, since I still do eat sandwiches every once in awhile, you can support my work if you so choose through:

And if not, no biggie. Just read for free. Spread it around to anybody you think might like it. Just knowing that people are reading means a lot to me.

novel cover with a young woman standing in a desert with title Goda's Slave and ouroboros symbol above her