Metaphysical LGBT Fantasy Novels by Pandouro

Metaphysical LGBT Fantasy Novels by Pandouro


My pen name is Pandouro and I write novels about queer characters who go on mystical journeys.

My current project is Goda’s Slave, an F/F dystopia about the crumbling of one person’s self-identity in the presence of absolute reality. You can read this novel for free here. It’s currently in the works and I post each chapter as I finish it.

novel cover with a young woman standing in a desert with title Goda's Slave and ouroboros symbol above her

I prefer to give away most of my work for free.

However, since I still do need a sandwich every once in awhile, please consider subscribing to my Patreon. The tiers start at $1, and regardless of how much you contribute, you’ll get the ebook versions of my finished novels delivered to you once they’re done. In the slightly higher tiers, you’ll get the print version as well, when those are ready.

And if not, no biggie. Just read for free. Spread it around to anybody you think might like it. Just knowing that people are reading means a lot to me.

I will also most likely make an illustrated version available for purchase eventually, so keep an eye out for that if you like pictures.

What is Goda’s Slave About?

It’s a dystopian novel with mostly queer characters. In a wide sense, it deals with the expansion of human consciousness through the eyes of a single individual.

Plot-wise, it’s a novel about a young woman who lives a very sheltered, comfortable life, and then is suddenly thrown into a confusing new culture as the lowest member of society. In the midst of all of this chaos, she is also forced to face the ugly truth of her own responsibility for the situation. (You can read a more thorough plot description on the novel’s page.)

On a different level, it’s a story about resistance to life. It’s about the gifts that life is dying to give you, but that can’t flow to you because you’re picky about the wrapping paper.

Goda’s Slave is part of a planned trilogy. The first novel (this one) is about power, resistance, and shedding old identities. The second novel is about letting go and creating something new with the flow of reality. The third novel will be about self-surrender and androgyny.

​In addition to the trilogy, I plan to write many other novels, novellas, and novelettes that explore the internal journey of self-transformation through many different characters and perspectives.

Why Am I Writing This?

Well, first of all…just because. 😀

Basically, I want to write fiction about people experiencing extreme personal growth, the kind that completely breaks them as a person.

I also want to write fiction that heavily includes the following elements:

  • A multi-perspective view of reality, one that fuses objective and subjective elements. Reality is confusing, but it’s the medium that created us and allows us to be reborn again and again.
  • An exploration of culture and how it shapes the beliefs and concepts we cling to.
  • Moral ambiguity. Situations where it’s hard to tell who is in the right, who is the victim of whom, and who “deserves” what.
  • An exploration of the dance of masculine and feminine perspectives, and the volcanic eruptions that happen when they clash.
  • Characters who just happen to be queer, but who are not self-aware of it and face no resistance from society for it. (There is certainly a place for fiction about overcoming society’s prejudices against queer people, but I wanted to explore a more naked queerness.)
  • Human relationships (including romantic ones) that do not follow the typical rubric, or any rubric at all. A depiction of relationship anarchy occurring organically.

So that’s my aim with this. I’d like to write novels like that, and I’d like you to read them. The first of these is Goda’s Slave.