The Continent

The Continent is the setting of Goda’s Slave (and other stories in Samma’s Universe), comprising a large body of land surrounded by a violent sea on all sides. Besides a few islands close to the Southern tip of The Continent (just South-West of the Lowerland region), it is the only landmass in the world known to the Middlelanders, Outerlanders, and Upperlanders.

None of the cultures described in Goda’s Slave are seafaring due to the ocean’s volatile nature, so it is unknown if there are other major landmasses in their world.

The Continent can be divided into different environments and regions:

  • To the mid-West and South-West is a volcanically active and heavily forested biome, which includes Samma Valley, and is called the Middleland. It is the native land of the Middlelander culture.
  • To the East is a wide desert with sparse populations and villages, which comprises the largest environment on The Continent and is called the Outerland. It is home to various tribal groups (both nomadic and settled) that fall under the Outerlander umbrella.
  • Far North is the Upperland, an area bordered by jagged mountains to the South and the ocean to the North, and inhabited by the descendants of cliff-dwelling goat herders who eventually became the Upperlanders.
  • Finally, in the deep Southern part of The Continent is the Lowerland, which is largely unexplored by most of The Continent’s occupants, with the exception of the so-called Lowerlanders, who are native to this area.

The Lowerland is by far the most isolated region on The Continent. Due to a wide crack in the Earth (a gorge) that runs along almost the entire latitude of the landmass South of the Samma River (along with other geographical limitations), virtually no contact occurs between the Lowerlanders and the other ethnicities. As a result, little is known about these people.