Lore From Samma’s Universe (The Universe of Goda’s Slave)

Here you can find an index of lore about people, places, and things in the universe of Goda’s Slave. Much of this was lifted from behind-the-scenes notes that I took while writing the first book of the Kanna Rava Saga.

A Spoiler Warning:

Some of the content contains spoilers for Goda’s Slave, although I tried to avoid revealing any of the major plot twists. Mild spoilers may be present but blurred/blacked out, in which case you can simply click on them to reveal, just like the end of this sentence(<–click).

If a spoiler is blurred, but is not clickable (kind of like this: Goda’s favorite color is green.), that means that it spoils a story/part of a story that has not been published yet (and will be made clickable at a later time). Though if you really want to know, you could always just look at the source HTML.

Inconsequential “spoilers” that do not reveal any plot points may simply be left visible to the naked eye. 👁


Introduced in Goda’s Slave

Major Characters

Kanna Rava

Goda Brahm

Supporting Characters

Parama Shakka

Jaya Hadd

Lila Hadd

Noa Bou

Leina Bou


The Continent

The South Suda Administration Tower

Outerland Desert Monastery (Monastery of The Mother’s Fertile Womb)


The Middleland Culture

The Outerland Culture(s)

The Upperland Culture

The Lowerland Culture

Cult of Mahara (Middlelander State Religion)

Gender in the Middleland

Robust Women

Middlelander Mating Customs

Education in the Middleland


Yaw (Plant)

Mok (Plant)

Samma Flower

Religion and Cosmology

Okay, so basically, this whole section has spoilers for the cosmology side of the worldbuilding of all the novels that take place in this universe. It does not reveal plot twists, but it does reveal information that characters (such as Kanna Rava) learn progressively about how their universe works, over the course of many stories. If you’d rather peek behind the curtain along with them, then don’t read anything in this section.

Samma (Deity)

Snakes (a.k.a Serpents, Demons, Etc)