Samma Flower

Samma Flower (also called Death Flower, Death, or simply Flower) is an entheogenic, flowering weed native to the Samma Valley region of the Middleland. Like yaw, it prefers volcanic soil. It only grows in Samma Valley and in the Lowerland region directly South of the Samma River.

Samma Flower is inedible and toxic in anything more than minute quantities. However, because the plant is a powerful medicine and the petals are an entheogen (psychedelic), it was traditionally consumed by the ancestors of the Middlelanders for various reasons, both medical and religious.

Though it does not always kill a person who is poisoned by it, proper dosage is hard to assuage, which makes consumption risky. The only known way to filter the toxins out of the raw flower and ensure that its essence is safe to consume is to pass it through a “vessel” first–meaning, to have another person eat the flower, and then to drink that person’s body fluids or eat their organs.

In modern times, Samma Flower is extremely illegal in the Middleland. It is also forbidden to eat by the Middlelander state religion, though Middlelanders who are desperate for its healing properties will still seek it on the black market.

Flower is mostly unknown in the Upperland, but is regularly traded in the Outerland, where the authorities are less vigilant. A clandestine society from the desert (called the Flower Cult) is said to consume the plant for spiritual purposes.