Garden of Samma

This is where the sequel to Goda’s Slave (called Garden of Samma) will be hosted when I begin serializing it. It is the second novel in the Kanna Rava Saga.

If Goda’s Slave is about the transformative flames of purgatory, then you could say that Garden of Samma is about the paradise of finding a flow in growth.

Goda’s Slave deals with the process of death and Garden of Samma with the process of rebirth.

Goda’s Slave deals with shedding old forms and restrictions, while Garden of Samma deals with the terrifying realities of the absolute freedom that comes after that.

Goda’s Slave is about “nothing,” while Garden of Samma is about “everything.”

All of these dualities are essential for the expansion of the universe (and for things to grow and change), but they’re hard to reconcile and integrate. Garden of Samma is about that reconciliation, that union of opposites that we see happen in Goda’s Slave and what comes out of that. This is a major theme in the first novel already, where Kanna and Goda come together as polar opposites and engage in both violent and gentle acts of creation, but this idea of sex between two cosmic forces is something that I want to explore further in the next novel.

Also, it’s a love story, of course–the same way Goda’s Slave is. Kissy-kissy muah.

By the way, if you’re reading this, you’re not supposed to see this page yet, so I dunno what you’re doing here, but whatever. Since you found this and the first draft of Goda’s Slave is not yet complete at the moment of this writing, I’ll offer you a small, inconsequential spoiler if you want (highlight after the colon to read): Goda’s Slave has a happy ending. 🙂

See you soon.