Here are some FAQs about this site and my work.

What is this site?

It is the central location of all the stories in the Goda’s Slave universe and also some stories with no obvious connection to that universe (although they are actually all connected).

Where can I read them?

You can read the free version of Goda’s Slave here. You can read about the lore from this universe here.

Are your writings a clumsy attempt to secretly introduce people to non-duality by way of gay stories so that they can hopefully start to let go of the divisions and self-hatred caused by a society that is obsessed with glorifying and defending the self-identity, especially among queer people who are offered a million identities but hardly encouraged to accept the true self beneath all the warring narratives?


How arrogant. Who do you think you are?

If you’ve read Goda’s Slave, you already know how I’m going to answer this one.

No One: Is Kanna Rava Gay?

Yup. Read more about her here.

Everyone: Why is Kanna and/or Goda so annoying in [Chapter XYZ]?

She doesn’t know any better.

Where can I contact you?

Visit my contact page.

What are your pronouns (in English)?


Where can I support you?

Right now, the best way would be through Patreon, though I am exploring other mediums. Support is more than just dollar-dollar bills, though. Sometimes even just a kind comment helps to fuel my mission to turn the whole world gay with my Gay Agenda™.

Yeah, but why does everything have to be gay, though?

If everything is gay, then nothing is gay. And if nothing is gay, then nothing is straight. And if nothing is straight, then the true vision of the Gay Agenda™ has been realized because all dualities have collapsed into Oneness.