How to Pronounce the Character Names in Goda’s Slave

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In case you were wondering, this is how the names of some of the characters (those who appear in multiple scenes) are pronounced:

Kanna Rava – KAHN-nah RAH-vah

Goda Brahm – GOH-dah BRAHM

Jaya Hadd – JAH-yah HAHD

Parama Shakka – pah-RAH-mah SHAHK-kah

Rem Murau – REHM moo-RAH-oo (or moh-RAH-oh)

Taga – TAH-gah

Noa Bou – NOH-ah BOH

Leina Bou – LEI-nah BOH

Lila Hadd – LEE-lah HAHD

Eyan Mah (the engineer) – EH-yahn MAH

Some More Nerdy Name-Related Stuff

The Middlelander tongue has two tones–flat and rising–but almost all names use only the flat tone.

Given names also tend to end in an -a, -n, or -m sound, though they occasionally will terminate with another consonant, such as -d.

Male names will often end in the suffix -ma, which refers to the spirit of the Goddess. (Parama’s name means “to walk beside the spirit of the Goddess” in Old Middlelander.) It also has a diminutive effect in the language, since this same suffix is used to connote that things are smaller. (“Para” is a unisex name, but is typically assigned to females, and “Parama” has a connotation of “small Para.” Male names are often modified female names in this way.)