How to Pronounce the Character Names in Goda’s Slave

How to Pronounce the Character Names in Goda’s Slave

In case you were wondering, this is how the names of some of the characters (those who appear in multiple scenes) are pronounced:

Kanna Rava – KAHN-nah RAH-vah

Goda Brahm – GOH-dah BRAHM

Jaya Hadd – JAH-yah HAHD

Parama Shakka – pah-RAH-mah SHAHK-kah

Rem Murau – REHM moo-RAH-oo (or moh-RAH-oh)

Taga – TAH-gah

Noa Bou – NOH-ah BOH

Leina Bou – LEI-nah BOH

Lila Hadd – LEE-lah HAHD

Eyan Mah (the engineer) – EH-yahn MAH

Some More Nerdy Name-Related Stuff

The Middlelander tongue has two tones–flat and rising–but almost all names use only the flat tone.

Given names also tend to end in an -a, -n, or -m sound, though they occasionally will terminate with another consonant, such as -d.

Male names will often end in the suffix -ma, which refers to the spirit of the Goddess. (Parama’s name means “to walk beside the spirit of the Goddess” in Old Middlelander.) It also has a diminutive effect in the language, since this same suffix is used to connote that things are smaller. (“Para” is a unisex name, but is typically assigned to females, and “Parama” has a connotation of “small Para.” Male names are often modified female names in this way.)