Mamia Uma

Name: Mamia Uma

Age: 23 (at the start of Goda’s Slave, though she does not explicitly appear in this novel)

Ethnicity: Middlelander (possibly only half Middlelander genetically)

Native Tongue: Modern Middlelander (Southern Dialect), but conversational in Upperlander and Southern Outerlander, and well-versed in several ancient tongues, both clerical and otherwise

First Appearance

Mamia Uma first appears in Garden of Samma as Kanna’s new de facto master.


Mamia Uma is a Maharan priestess who began her career in the clergy at age ten as a temple assistant at Samma Valley. Gifted with languages, she studied ancient texts, traveled extensively throughout the continent, and eventually ordained at the age of 19.

At the age of 22, she was promoted to the position of director of the language department at Samma Valley Institute, a school located on the grounds of the Samma Valley Monastery, after Priestess Rem Murau departed. Mamia is the youngest person to ever hold the position.

Born to a pair of fertile Middlelander mothers, Mamia does not know which of her mothers gave birth to her (which is not unusual among Middlelanders, as it is disrespectful to ask directly). She was likely fathered by a non-Middlelander, which is apparent in some of her mixed features, but because fatherhood is not legally recognized in the Middleland, she is considered full-blooded by the central government. (Even in uncommon cross-cultural marriages, Middlelanders are considered to be the same ethnicity as the higher mother, regardless of which mother gave birth to her.)

Much of Mamia’s past is shrouded in mystery in part because of her lifelong, single-minded obsession with becoming a priestess. From around the age of ten onward, she had very little of a personal life, dedicating herself almost solely to religion and language study.

Mamia was present and working at the monastery during The Incident at Samma Valley that involved Goda Brahm.

Physical Appearance

Mamia has a tall and lithe frame, green eyes, jet black hair, and brown skin. Her hair and especially eye color are unusual for a Middlelander, as well as some of her more subtle facial features. Mamia is possibly half Lowerlander, but out of politeness, few people outwardly make this suggestion. (Lowerlanders are considered unlcean, and no one would make this suggestion about a priestess.)


Mamia has few friendships due to her dedication to her work. Her best friend is a non-human entity and she is cynical about cultivating emotional connections with humans.